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Step 5 - Creating and Adding Links

Creating and adding links on your own website is very easy and should be done the right way.


When a visitor on your website sees a link they should think two things about it: 1) It could be a definition to a term or word that not everyone understands or 2) It could bring you to a page with more content on that phrase because there wasn't enough room on that page to discuss it.

When I'm starting a brand new website I like to create about 20 page titles and create all 20 blank pages with the titles in place. Somewhat of a brainstorm of the layout of your website. Then while I'm writing content on each page I'll create a link everytime I write a phrase that matches a page title I made. This helps keep the website organized and lets your visitors bounce around you website if something catches their eye.

Navigation Bar

If you're using a site builder and find a template it will probably have about 3-4 links in a navigation bar saying: Home, Services, About Us and Contact Us. You can change those if you want them to say something different and you can also add to the bar if you want. The easier you make it for your visitors to navigate the more pages they'll view when they visit your site.

If you're using HTML code to build your website then I'm sure you know how to build a link. If you're using a site builder you should heighlight the phrase that's similar to a page you have and click the button that says "add link". Again, you want the link to be the keyword or phrase that you're attempting to show up for in the search engine. Now the link and page title match which means the visitor can see relevant information to the link they clicked and they'll be happy about that.

The standard way of navigation through a website is like a brainstorm list or tree format. You have the 5 main topics, then 5-10 topics off of each main topic getting more specific. Make sure you have a "Home" and "Contact Us" on every page so that if the visitor gets frustrated they can call you go back to the Home page and start over.

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