Building A Website    Step 4 Creating Visits guarantees great web design and hundreds or even thousands of visits per month OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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Step 4 - Creating Unique Quality Content

Creating unique quality content is a big piece of the puzzle for search engines because people want to read something they haven't seen before. That's what will keep them on your website and rank your site higher with search engines.

When people first read about keyword rich content they write long paragraphs on every page with unreadable sentences that are stuffed with variations of the same word or phrase. That's not the idea. If my website is about web design and I add 20 pages of content with about 400-500 words per page I shouldn't have to think about adding in the keyword "NH web design". It will already be stuffed in there enough and any more will just push visitors away.


This web design website is all about the designing of websites and how to design a good quality website if you're looking to design a website yourself.

No one wants to read that so they'll read your first sentence and get off your website. Then Google will have the statistics of your website and 1 other site which say this:

Your Site had 100 visits and they all left in 10 seconds

Website B had 100 visits who viewed 4 pages each and stayed for 2 minutes

The reason they stayed on the other website was good content that intrigued them to view a second and third page. Google figures if 100 people like to roam this site then so won't 1000 more, so they'll bring them to the top for a few more results in that area.

So keep on writing about things people want to read. Offer free information like I am on this website and the Ads and money will come right behind it. Even though I show people how to build a website on their own, some still pay me to build it because they don't have the time or can't figure it all out.

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