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Step 3 - Creating Web Pages and Folders

Creating web pages and folders are much more important than you might think for a few reasons.

Every page needs to be titled with a variation of your website name and your web page information. There's no need to repeat words over and over again because it will target the same thing. The names of these pages will basically ask Google to show up in the search engine for that exact phrase.

Each extension is the page name and you want to add the "-" between each word so that Google can see them as separate words. Then you should "create a folder" named the same thing "web-design-services" and put about 10 more pages in there with content and page names such as "website design", "website building tools", "top ten web design techniques" and so on.

Just like if you added a folder to your desk top called "web design", then put 10 pages in there. Then you made another folder inside that folder called "NH SEO services" and put 10 pages inside of that. The folders on your website work the same way and you want to title and tag all of them so that you can show up in the search engines for those phrases later.

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