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Step 2 - Getting Hosting and Website Builder

For beginners it will be easy to buy the domain and get a website builder tool so that you can build your website using something similar to clip art rather than using code or HTML.


I like to use or Yahoo Small Business because I find they're the easiest site builders to work with. So you should buy the domain you found on one of those sites and as you're going through the check out you'll want to purchase the "Website Hosting". It should cost about $10-15 per month total.

Then you'll need to download the Site Builder software onto your desk top. If you can't find it then you can call their customer service and they'll help you download it. Once it's on your desk top you can sign in with the same name and password you used for you're account. Import the domain name and you can start buidling your website.

In the very beginning it will ask you if you want to use a free template which is very easy to work with. They will pull it into your home page and you'll be able to start working with it right away. It will look like you're messing around in Powerpoint or something similar.


Downloading a template from another source such as a template website can be very hard. If you're a beginner I don't recommend this at all. Once you download it on your desk top you'll have to upload it into your website and sometimes use the code to move things around. Using the hosting site builder will be the best beginner idea and provide the same results in the search engine.

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