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Step 1 - Picking The Right Domain Name

Picking the right domain name matters for many reasons but mostly for ranking your website in the search engine. Make sure that you take your time picking it by following these steps.


Brainstorm a list of 2-3 word phrases that describe your entire website. My list was very long for this particular website because I knew it would be hard to find a good ".com" website about websites. "building a website, creating a website, gaining visitors, getting website traffic, creating a website from scratch, seo services, web design company...."

Once you've created your list you need to go to Google and start typing in phrases that you'd like to have for your website. I don't like picking the business name as a website name because it's so much better to use a keyword that you can show up for without paying thousands for SEO services to get the phrases you want.

As you type each phrase in, Google will tell you how many search results there are for each phrase and you want one with a high number, around 15,000,000 - 50,000,000 at least. The bigger the number the more searches there are for that keyword. The likeliness of showing up for your URL name is VERY likely.


Now you'll need to see if your top choices for a domain name are available and the easiest place to do that is on Just type in the domain you'd like and it will tell you that it is or isn't available right away and even give you a list of options if it's not.

Don't fall for the domain options that add small words like "" or "" because it will ruin that keyword and you'll show up for "my creating visits" instead of "creating visits" which was the goal. If it's not available you'll have to move on to the next choice. I've found that the ".net and .org" work just as well to move right to the top of the search engine as if you don't mind having that extension for a good keyword domain.

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