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SEO Titles, Descriptions and Meta Tags

This is the most basic part of NH based SEO services because we know that they perform when used correctly. Web design is just the look of your website, which is very important, but has nothing to do with how well your site ranks in the search engines.

If you want to rank for "NH Web Design Services" then the name of your page should be exactly that. Then you should make 4-5 more pages with variations of that phrase in order to show that you have plenty of content about the given subject. If I want my book to be seen in the library when people are looking for vacations then I need to make the title of my book "vacation" and have multiple chapters reference variations of that keyword: "Vacations in Aruba", "Vacations in Florida"...

Your Title tag is the written data that shows up when someone types a query into the search engine. The Description is the summary underneath the Title. The meta tags are not seen anywhere but tell search engines the exact phrases you'd like to rank for. Some search engines don't use these anymore because they're abused by most but some still use it as a starter to see what your website is all about.

If you have a website and let someone else host it and design it for you then you should ask them what the cost of adding these tags would be. It doesn't mean you'll jump to the top of Google with every phrase you pick because there's a lot of competition out there but it will help tremendously. Shoot for longer keyphrases such as "NH based SEO Services" instead of "Web Design" because as you start ranking for longer phrases you can build the trust of the search engines to rank for more. Here's how:

First: It helps your website if visitors stay for over 30 seconds.

Second: It helps your rankings if more than one page is viewed per visit.

Third: It helps your rankings if visitors purchase from your shopping cart.

You can't out trick Google, trust me, they're much smarter than you and me. What they want is to provide searchers with the best and quickest response to their query. Your job building the site is to simply predict what people are searching and use those keywords and phrases throughout your pages, titles, descriptions and meta tags. Then make sure Google trusts you, believes your website and content enough to show it to the world searching for it. Simple right??


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