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Why We Add A Press Release

A press release is different than adding articles because it's used to promote your new company, new product or new website. Articles are informational and cannot promote your company or be any type of a sales pitch.

Look online for "submit a press release" and you'll see many different websites to submit a press release to. The idea is similar to an article in terms of link building and trying to get the readers to visit your website for more information.

There are a few very large press release and article websites that you can submit to that bring your article into the search engine within days. Be sure to choose your title very carefully as it's the key phrase search engines use to rank your article. Don't make it too difficult because you want it to get some quick views early on when your website hasn't been able to rank yet. That way you'll start getting some visits through those readers.

Since a press release is more toward something new with your company or product line they shouldn't be written everyday. Articles, however, can be written 5 times a day if you have the time to increase your chances of showing up for different keywords and phrases.

Good Press Releases bring new people on your website which helps your rankings.

Press Releases add links.

Good articles that end up on other websites builds links and helps rankings.