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Website Navigation

Website navigation is very important in order to allow visitors to quickly find what they're looking for. People get discouraged very quick and will back out of your website in a heartbeat if they aren't finding what they want. Not only does that divert a potential customer but it also hurts your rankings on the search engine. Read about our SEO Services to see why.

It's a good feeling to navigate quickly through a site especially when the web design is top of the line as well. One step better is to have visitors directed to the exact page without having to navigate at all. As your website gets bigger and your page titles get longer each page starts to show up in the search engine rather than just your home page. Again, you need to keep the keywords and titles organized throughout your website in order for this to happen.

A simple navigation menu at the top, left hand side or bottom will be sufficient for most visitors. State your products or services on every page because sometimes visitors end up on inner pages and can't find their way out. That means they'll leave your site right away.

Think as if you're the person searching for you product and it should flow smoothly