Web Design Company    Guaranteed Visitors! Creating Visits guarantees great web design and hundreds or even thousands of visits per month OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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Website Design Company

Your Website Design Company should have your best interest in mind. It sounds obvious but sometimes they don't.

Creating Visits builds many websites per month and each one WILL receive monthly visits. The point of building a website for a client or business is so that they can get visitors to view what they've created. Each client has different objectives but it's all the same in the end; How much money will they make when it's up and running?

The Website Design Company needs to add SEO titles and meta tags in order to show up for anything besides the URL name. More pages take more time so the higher cost is understandable. However, if you pay for a 10 page website you should receive Titles and Meta tags on those 10 pages, anything more will cost extra.

1) Ask if your website design company will be adding titles, descriptions and meta tags

2) If they tell you it will cost extra be sure to shop around and make sure you're paying the best price

3) Add them yourself. There's plenty of tutorials online that could help you do it

4) Ask questions! The more web design companies you speak to the more knowledge you can get before you start

E-mail: Sales@creatingvisits.com