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SEO Cost

Most companies charge an arm and a leg for SEO services. They promise specific keywords and phases and charge based on their popularity.

More popular keywords have more competition due to the amount of money the number one listing can make. However there's only one website first so hopfully two SEO companies aren't making the same promise.

Creating Visits promises visitors based on variations of your keywords that are easier to rank. The results are quicker on ten small keywords compared to one popular keyword.

SEO Services

SEO services are just added labor to the web design process and weekly or monthly additions based on the size of the keyword or phrase.

Make Money with SEO Services

Title, Description and Meta Tags
Each page needs a title and description which you see when searching. After entering a query you see a list of 10 links (Page Title) with a "description" underneath each. If your website doesn't have this it would be blank and therefore not worthy of search engine results.

Adding Pages, Articles and Press Releases
Each of these shows the search engine you're adding new information which is most likely up to date and relevant to current events. Also that you're products and pricing are up to date for customers to review. It's very important for Google to give their customers up to date information at the top of the results.

It Takes Two To Tango

Web Design is pointless without SEO and SEO is pointless without web design.

01. You could pay thousands of dollars for a great looking website that your company is very proud to have. The benefit would be that you can add it to your business cards, or company brochures but it won't generate new sales or new customers very quickly. It may be discussed and passed on by word of mouth but it still needs to be typed directly into the address bar rather than searched. If this is the case then hopefully it's a short URL so that it's easy to type in without errors.
02. Poor web design can hurt your company in many ways. SEO may be able to get your website ranked but the people who see it could end up with bad impressions on your company as a whole. The size of your website relates to the size of your company and the technical design does the same. The first thing to do is make sure the design is nice before pouring visitors into your company brochure just to get a bad impression.