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3 Steps to Building Ad Driven Websites

Building an Ad driven website is getting more and more difficult because consumers are getting smarter. They understand what an advertisement is and may avoid clicking it for certain reasons because it may look odd to them, they might think it’s a virus or they don’t want to go to another website. There are things that you can do to make your advertisements look more appealing though.

1. Good Web Design

Visitors understand when you have a professionally built website or a poorly built website. Your graphics, layout and background will exert more than your think to the visitor. Poorly built, cheap websites are built all the time with about five poorly placed Ads that soak up all of the attention of your pages. The attention should be focused on your logo and your content; Ads come second.

2. Quality Content

Again, poor content is noticed the second you enter a website. Simply read a sentence or two and you can tell if the person know what they’re talking about. Have a clear “About Us” page that discusses who you are, why you can write the content that you write, and how people can benefit from it. After all, why are people going to your website? Certainly not just to click Ads.

3. No Tricks

Be honest. Tell people why your website is up and running. Tell them about the quality Ads you have and why they’re helpful to your visitors. For instance, if you discuss real estate information but you’re not a real estate agent of any kind, you can link to local real estate agents. Or you can choose to have a banner Ad in the header, footer and side bar which will just tell people you’re desperate for them to click the Ads.

You are much better off sticking to one subject matter with one website, rather than trying to have 10 different domains. Build, build, build. Build more pages, more blog posts, more online articles and more images, videos and content. You’re not going to magically show up in the first result of search engines with your miniature 5 page website. You can, however, have a 5 page website with a very active blog so that your visitors don’t get confused trying to navigate.

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Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up In The Search Engine

Your website may not show up in the search engine for a few different reasons. Some of them are easy to fix and some are more difficult if you’re not great with the code of a website.

Submitting to Search Engines

Once you built your website you’ll need to submit it to each search engine. If you’re using a site builder then sometimes there’s a spot that says “submit to search engines” and it will submit to all of them for you. If you’ve built the website on your own and need to manually do it then all you have to do is go to the search engine and type in “Submit my site to Google”, “Submit my site to MSN” and so on.

Each time you do it there will be a link that comes up first that will give you about 2 steps to submitting it to their search engine.

Already Submitted and still not showing up

If this is the case then the problem is more complicated. You’ll have to make sure your SEO (search engine optimization) is organized and that your content matches what you’re asking to show up for.

When you’re building your website and you create new pages you’ll be asked to name each one and they’ll be in a list on one side of your site builder. Those page titles are basically what you’re asking Google to show up for in their search engine. Google will look at your site and decide if you’re worthy of that phrase over other webites.

So make sure that you have at lest 4-5 word page titles with at least 5-10 pages in a folder of that page. Example: (Homepage) (Page 1 – 4 words) (10 pages off of the first page)

If I had named it “Page 1″ and “Page 2″ instead of the keywords similar to my website then I wouldn’t show up for the phrases that I want. The only way to get to the 3rd page is through the second page just like if you put a folder on your desk top inside another folder. The only way to access it is to go in the first folder and click on the second folder.

By creating 10 pages inside the first folder you have more content about that subject with more page titles and paragraphs of keyword rich content. You want to add at least 400-500 words of content on each page. If you’re selling a product then make sure the product pictures are at the top and the content is at the bottom. Visitors probably won’t read much of the content but it’s their for the search engines to pick it up.

Big Keywords Are Difficult

This website is about buidling a website and ranking in the search engines but it was only started about 6-8 months ago. If I was an amature I’d probably start pushing a phrase like “web design” but I’m not and I know that’s a nearly impossible phrase to rank for. I’m going after my state abbreviation first: “NH web design” and “nh seo services” because I live in NH and people might type that in.

They won’t type it in as often but once you get visits to your website Google can start looking at statistics like whether 10 visitors got off in 10 seconds, or 10 visitors got on, viewed 4 pages each and stayed for 10 minutes. That shows a much higher quality website and they will rank your site higher for other keywords as well. Google only wants the best sites at the top because they claim they pick the best sites which makes people use Google more than any other search engine.

Type the exact website address into the search engine to see if you come up first. If you do then at least you know search engines are picking up your site and you need to work harder on adding pages and content. If it doesn’t show up then you probably aren’t submitted into it yet.

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