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Showing Up in NH Search Engine Results

Showing up in search engines for words and phrases about your company has proven to be a huge marketing strategy. But how is it done? How do other companies magically show up in the results when your company website references the same subjects? Easy: Page titles, blog posts, massive amounts of content on your website and external links that point to your website from Facebook, Twitter and any other website or blog.

If you wrote a 5 page novel and put it in the library to be searched and found by readers, do you think you’d show up in the results before the 300 page novel about the same subject? Probably not. Search engines work in similar ways. If you have 5 pages that discuss washing machines while Wal-Mart has 5000 pages that talk about washing machines, it’s pretty obvious who the robot will find first. So, first and foremost, write more. Write more pages and blog posts that discuss how a washing machine is manufactured, how it’s shipped, how it runs, why it saves energy and why your customers should buy it from you.

Now assume you start a marketing campaign. You put your name in one newspaper while Wal-Mart puts their name in thousands. Again, translated into the Internet world, what websites do you show up on? Not all websites sell products. Angie’s List writes reviews about companies so that others can make more educated decisions about who to buy from. Is your company found on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau and Dunn and Bradstreet? Not only are people looking to those companies for reviews and possibly finding you along the way, but your website link is on each of those websites pointing to your website as one that’s reputable and believed-in by those sites. Search engines recognize the amount of websites that believe in you and give your website more clout as a result.

New Hampshire Companies

While Wal-Mart probably shows up for “washing machines”, it’s still possible to show up for “washing machines NH” or “washing machines New Hampshire” so don’t throw in the towel just yet. When you first build your website it’s important to start with very long phrases and shorten them as your grow. For instance, this website tries to show up for “nh seo services“, not “seo services”. There is no possible way any 5 page website in the world will show up for “washing machines” just like no 5 page informational website will show up “fantasy football”. So yes, size matters to search engines.

All of your page titles, keywords and descriptions should include “nh” and “new Hampshire” when you start building your website. Try not to be obnoxious to your visitors or you’ll never get a sale! Don’t write “NH” 1000 times, just include in once in awhile when it makes sense to do so. Any more than that will be considered SPAM before you know it.

Showing up in New Hampshire

1. Sign up in Google and Yahoo local results

2. Write blog posts about “how to fix your washing machine when…”

3. Talk about your website on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Online newspapers, BBB, D&B…

4. Answer questions on Yahoo Questions and mention your company

5. Add more pages, add more products, add more services and talk about all of them more and more

Posted by Chris Bell of Creating Visits