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Professional Carpet Cleaning SEO Services | Tiverton, RI

Carpet Cleaning RI

Carpet Cleaning RI

Creating Visits is working with Dream Carpets in Rhode Island to improve their website rankings. They hope to build a stronger presence online by showing their logo and customer reviews on various websites. Dream Carpets is on Yelp, BBB, Facebook, Angie’s list and Yellow pages which means you can visit those websites to see how customers feel about Dream Carpets, their services and their hospitality.

Search Engines

Everyone wants to find their website within their favorite search engine once it’s launched, however it takes a few skills to do that. First you have to determine what phrases you want to type in to find yourself. Then you need to label your pages accordingly. Finally, you need to build popularity on various websites by creating online profiles, writing articles and creating press releases.

Reviews come first

When a home owner is looking online for a RI carpet cleaning company they first look for reviews and price options. Once they find a few companies with good reviews the customer can examine price options and possible first-time deals. As a customer you should tell your carpet cleaning company that you’re prepared to leave a good review if you receive good service. Companies know that reviews are important and that new customers use them to determine which company to call.

Rankings aren’t sales

Once your website sits atop the results of Google the sales should start pouring in, right? Wrong. That’s just the first impression. Think from the consumer point of view. People may enter your website and get a negative impression based on your beginner-design or your misspelled words or bad grammar. Maybe your strong views leave a bad impression or the advertisements on the top, bottom and sides of your pages.

Keep it simple

When you have a carpet cleaning website it doesn’t have to be the size of because it will just confuse your customers. List your services and your products along with a Contact Us page. Then send your visitors to Angie’s List to show the positive reviews from real people about your company.