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Professional Carpet Cleaning SEO Services | Tiverton, RI

Carpet Cleaning RI

Carpet Cleaning RI

Creating Visits is working with Dream Carpets in Rhode Island to improve their website rankings. They hope to build a stronger presence online by showing their logo and customer reviews on various websites. Dream Carpets is on Yelp, BBB, Facebook, Angie’s list and Yellow pages which means you can visit those websites to see how customers feel about Dream Carpets, their services and their hospitality.

Search Engines

Everyone wants to find their website within their favorite search engine once it’s launched, however it takes a few skills to do that. First you have to determine what phrases you want to type in to find yourself. Then you need to label your pages accordingly. Finally, you need to build popularity on various websites by creating online profiles, writing articles and creating press releases.

Reviews come first

When a home owner is looking online for a RI carpet cleaning company they first look for reviews and price options. Once they find a few companies with good reviews the customer can examine price options and possible first-time deals. As a customer you should tell your carpet cleaning company that you’re prepared to leave a good review if you receive good service. Companies know that reviews are important and that new customers use them to determine which company to call.

Rankings aren’t sales

Once your website sits atop the results of Google the sales should start pouring in, right? Wrong. That’s just the first impression. Think from the consumer point of view. People may enter your website and get a negative impression based on your beginner-design or your misspelled words or bad grammar. Maybe your strong views leave a bad impression or the advertisements on the top, bottom and sides of your pages.

Keep it simple

When you have a carpet cleaning website it doesn’t have to be the size of because it will just confuse your customers. List your services and your products along with a Contact Us page. Then send your visitors to Angie’s List to show the positive reviews from real people about your company.

3 Reasons to Keep Blogging and Make Money

Many people make a living by posting multiple times a day for a single blog or multiple different blogs. I’m sure you’re already sick of hearing that because it seems like a waste of time for you right? Well, here are a few things to remember when blogging instead of thinking about making $5000 per month due to your post from last night.

  1. Make Sure You Enjoy It
  2. Just like any career, you should enjoy what you’re doing. If you love to write then keep on writing regardless of the amount of income you’re generating. When you read articles online some are good and some are bad. Be sure to exude passion when writing about your topics or else your visitors will leave your site instead of clicking on a 2nd or 3rd post.

  3. It Takes Time and Results
  4. Your first blog post isn’t going to show up in the search engines any time soon. Build a presence with about 20 blog posts. Then you can start thinking about search engine presence. When you use a platform such as WordPress most of the SEO services are done for you. Simply title your post, write about 300-400 words, enter your keywords and you have a post that Google can pick up based on the words throughout that particular post. Posts about Aruba Vacations will show up for variations of Aruba Vacations.

  5. Size Matters
  6. Size most definitely matters. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A website or blog with 1000 pages will show up many more times than a website with 5 pages. There are many more variations of words and phrases throughout 1000 pages for search engines to find and rank. That means, you should write and write and write! Don’t forget quality, no one likes a cheap product, service, article or blog. Visitors want information, so give it to them for free and they’ll continue to visit.

Growth is the main goal of blogs and websites. A website that’s updated daily has more chances of showing up than a website that hasn’t been touched in weeks. When the same visitor views multiple pages it tells search engines that visitors like the quality of your content. Try to realize that it’s actually simple and basic to show up in the search engine. Title your pages correctly, write quality content and don’t SPAM! Writing the same work or phrase over and over won’t help you, it will hurt you and the rest of your website.

Written by Chris Bell, Owner of Creating Visits

Showing Up in NH Search Engine Results

Showing up in search engines for words and phrases about your company has proven to be a huge marketing strategy. But how is it done? How do other companies magically show up in the results when your company website references the same subjects? Easy: Page titles, blog posts, massive amounts of content on your website and external links that point to your website from Facebook, Twitter and any other website or blog.

If you wrote a 5 page novel and put it in the library to be searched and found by readers, do you think you’d show up in the results before the 300 page novel about the same subject? Probably not. Search engines work in similar ways. If you have 5 pages that discuss washing machines while Wal-Mart has 5000 pages that talk about washing machines, it’s pretty obvious who the robot will find first. So, first and foremost, write more. Write more pages and blog posts that discuss how a washing machine is manufactured, how it’s shipped, how it runs, why it saves energy and why your customers should buy it from you.

Now assume you start a marketing campaign. You put your name in one newspaper while Wal-Mart puts their name in thousands. Again, translated into the Internet world, what websites do you show up on? Not all websites sell products. Angie’s List writes reviews about companies so that others can make more educated decisions about who to buy from. Is your company found on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau and Dunn and Bradstreet? Not only are people looking to those companies for reviews and possibly finding you along the way, but your website link is on each of those websites pointing to your website as one that’s reputable and believed-in by those sites. Search engines recognize the amount of websites that believe in you and give your website more clout as a result.

New Hampshire Companies

While Wal-Mart probably shows up for “washing machines”, it’s still possible to show up for “washing machines NH” or “washing machines New Hampshire” so don’t throw in the towel just yet. When you first build your website it’s important to start with very long phrases and shorten them as your grow. For instance, this website tries to show up for “nh seo services“, not “seo services”. There is no possible way any 5 page website in the world will show up for “washing machines” just like no 5 page informational website will show up “fantasy football”. So yes, size matters to search engines.

All of your page titles, keywords and descriptions should include “nh” and “new Hampshire” when you start building your website. Try not to be obnoxious to your visitors or you’ll never get a sale! Don’t write “NH” 1000 times, just include in once in awhile when it makes sense to do so. Any more than that will be considered SPAM before you know it.

Showing up in New Hampshire

1. Sign up in Google and Yahoo local results

2. Write blog posts about “how to fix your washing machine when…”

3. Talk about your website on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Online newspapers, BBB, D&B…

4. Answer questions on Yahoo Questions and mention your company

5. Add more pages, add more products, add more services and talk about all of them more and more

Posted by Chris Bell of Creating Visits

Getting SEO Services in NH

Having a company do your NH SEO services can be a very good idea because they know what they’re doing. The build SEO friendly pages, add good quality content and make sure all of the Titles, Descriptions and Meta tags are correctly in place.

Doing it yourself could actually hurt your search engine rankings if done incorrectly. Many times when I see a website that has done it’s own keyword targeting there are mistakes that could actually lower ranking instead of increasing them as planned. Keyword stuffing is a common problem that many people think is a good idea early into understanding SEO. Stuffing keywords refers to a sentence similar to this: Make sure you include SEO services inside your SEO website for the best SEO results for your website.

The sentence doesn’t make sense at all. If you create a page, whether it’s a blog post or a web page, with good information that people want to read and would “LIKE IT” on Facebook then you’ve done a good job and search engines will put you at the top for more people to see. Also, people will attach it to their Facebook account for all of their friends to see. So spending time creating a good website or blog post is a very good idea rather than just rushing through a quick post for content purposes.

Website Visitors Need To View More Pages

Getting your current website visitors to view another page of your website can help grow your business in more ways than one. Obviously having a visitor view a second page gives your company to chance to entice a different product of service but Google also gives your website more popularity for it.

Having your website on the first page of Google is worth a lot of money to your business because your company is right there with all of your products and services listed for them to view. Visitors can now come to your website, browse through your products and possibly buy something from you. This eventually turns into a number game where 1 visit of 100 places an order.

So if Google places your website on the first page for a week and you get 1000 new visits because of it what will happen with that data? Will they keep you there longer? Will they pull your website up to the first page for more phrases to make your site even more popular? Or will they send you right back to the bottom? Will it create more website visits?

Well Google will analyze this information more before doing anything. Assume, out of those 1000 visits, you got 900 of them to view a second and third page before leaving your website. That’s GOOD information! That says that 900 out of 1000 people liked your website enough to view more data, products or services you offer. Google can only see that as good information and move your website up with even more keywords for the same affect.

If the opposite happens however, and only 50 of 1000 visitors view a second page it tells Google a slightly different story. It shows that many people find something horribly wrong with the page they’re seeing and want to leave immediately. Why would Google want to list your website as a reputable one when only 50 people of 1000 seem to like it at all?

Google is the top rated search engine because they’ve figured out how to only show the best website available for the information you type in. How annoying is it to search for something only to find a bunch of websites with Ads all over them? Well hopefully most everyone will back out of that website right away in order to give it a bad name and Google will remove it. This is what separates Google from other search engines.

If you’re going to create a website the content should be intriguing so that the visitors will stay and possibly view a second and third page of yours. That’s the big thing that will help your website improve rankings in the search engine.

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How to Get More Traffic to a Website Using Forum Posting

Forum posting is completely about creating more quality and targeted web traffic to one’s website. There is certainly a right and wrong method to it though.

If executed incorrectly, forum posting could be ‘spammy’ and damage one’s online reputation; but if carried out the right way it could help solidify one’s expert status online, whilst driving truly high-quality and targeted visitors to his blog or website. Forum posting is all about mixing in the correct circles for one’s niche and constructing a name and place for himself online.

One’s expert status ought to be crafted very carefully, with every new forum post on how to get more traffic to a website. One needs to steadily and consistently increase his following by accumulating value however and wherever he could. The more of an authority people perceive one is, the more interested they would be in him and the more they would interact with him. The more of this kind of traction he gains, the more web traffic he would get to his external blog or site.

The kind of traffic one gets from online forums is totally free. And the more web traffic one gets, the more money one could make, if his site converts well and his sales funnel is properly constructed too. If traffic equates to money, then no cost traffic equals free money rather plainly. This is more than adequate reason to engage in conscientious forum posting on how to get more traffic to a website.

One must realize that when employing forum posting on how to get more traffic to a website, he should always put in value to his online community. By no means directly attempt to sell or be pushy in getting people to click links to one’s site. This would be construed as spam by the other forum members and one would damage his online reputation at best, and be prohibited from the web forum at worst.

While forum posting is ultimately about getting more web traffic, one could not directly ask for it. A person needs to be interesting and valuable enough that others would desire to set out on their own to discover more about him. One wants to create relevant and qualified traffic anyway, and this would benefit him in the end.

So how does one stimulate traffic generation? One could recommend web links as an augmentation of value one has already added into the forum in his post, but the links should be pertinent and put additional value, not basically be a sales page. One could have his site link in his signature on a number of forums. Frequently, if people find one’s content useful, they would want more & they would then begin looking for it by going tracking his signature link.

Locate a forum that is pertinent to one’s niche and begin engaging in conversations. Ask and answer interesting queries, initiate new topics and just generally try to assist people. Be genuine as one would soon realize it is not possible to go on with faking it if one is not.

One should make forum posting a steady habit. Eventually, he would find himself reaping the rewards, usually sooner than one may think.

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Will a Blog Increase My Web Traffic?

Blog post writing or blogging has been around for several years now, and that is for a good reason. The fact is, blog posts are an ideal way for increasing traffic to one’s website with long term gains. Do you have the question will a blog increase my web traffic in your mind? Are you presently struggling with site traffic building? If yes, what do you believe is lacking from your marketing venture? Keep reading and find out for yourself what you can accomplish to increase traffic & online conversions. The following are some basic tips for one to utilize blogging in web traffic.

Research one’s topic or subject effectively. A person must find out what other individuals are typing into the different search engine sites to find his information. What keywords or key phrases are they utilizing? How many distinct variations of a specific word are they utilizing? There are a lot of keyword tools that a person could find over the Internet to get a bird’s eye view of what keywords will work best for him. Depending on the niche one is involved in, keyword exploration would be relatively simple to carry out. Blog post writing could increase traffic to one’s website if he follows the proven method.

Under no circumstances, include too much keyword in one’s blog posts when it comes to the issue of ‘will a blog increase my web traffic’. In fact, if one does this, his search engine rankings would go down drastically. Rather, one ought to be humble with his keyword placement. A blogger should only place them in the post title, blog post body and conclusion; not every single line of his content. It is suggested that one only places a relevant keyword once each paragraph he writes.

Write more than 1 blog post. This seems very obvious, but a great deal of people complain that blog post writing does not work considering that they have just written a single blog entry. Do not let this happen. Write quite a few each day. Don’t be afraid to target a similar keyword more than one time. The more times one writes a post targeting an identical keyword, the better one’s chances are of achieving search rankings. And everybody knows the benefits of achieving good rankings online.

For the most ideal performance and more traffic, one needs to write shorter content. The shorter one’s content is, the better his chances of getting listed in popular search engines. This is true. It has been tested by a number of SEO experts. They have found that writing web content that is between 415 to 530 words long is the most favorable word count.

Utilize dialogue style of writing. This is the secret behind blogging. Dialogue is what gets visitors interested in one’s content. If one doesn’t have some type of dialogue in his posts, he could almost bet his life on it that he would not get the results he wants.

Do yourself a favour. Stop asking the question will a blog increase my web traffic and just follow these simple techniques to accomplish so.

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Increase Visitors To Your Website: 6 Effective Tips

Each website needs exposure and visitors as the more traffic the owner gets to his site, the more popular it would become. That is the reason why it is essential to think of new techniques to increase visitors to your website. Unless one finds ways to increase his site traffic, he would not get ranked or even listed in search engine sites. This only means that one’s website would be lost elsewhere in cyberspace. Fortunately, there are a number of simple things you could accomplish to increase visitors to your website.

  1. First, one must have the appealing web content on his site and have a web design that is easy and simply to navigate. He does not want his website to be full of useless plug-ins and stuff that he and his site does not necessitate as they would only slow the website down and can get the owner penalized by the various search engines. Individuals want to hit upon quick facts to the answer to their dilemmas when they visit one’s website. This is the initial step to increase one’s site traffic.
  2. Another pleasant approach to site visitors is to provide a few freebies, such as a program download, where one could collect their emails or names. This is what is called as list building. One could modify the freebies every now and again to see which ones work well or determine what his site visitors want. In addition, one ought to utilize social networking schemes. When done correctly, such a strategy can build one a huge list of prospects pretty quickly.
  3. One could have a web developer or SEO expert look at his website or do the SEO matter himself. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO would get a person’s website to attain an ideal ranking on search engine sites. There are a number of SEO websites that offer such services for free.
  4. Try to offer bonuses, discounts or hold a sweepstake drawing promo. Customers love to get free stuff when they purchase products or avail of services.
  5. It is really important to build one’s list. One could do this by sending his web visitors offers with regard to his new products, services or other useful information that he believes would help his customers out. This would help a site owner build a great and trusting relationship with them.
  6. Build links back to one’s website using article and/or forum marketing, and social bookmarking. One has to make sure he includes a web link back to his site and have his site link in his forum signature as well. In addition, one ought to include in the emails he sends or to his auto responder messages. Fact is, people tend to visit or click such links.

            Now that you are armed with this information with regard on how to increase visitors to your website, you’re next step is to utilize them. Do not hesitate to try them as you can be leaving money on your table.

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Find a NH SEO Company for Your Website

Search engine optimization is tantamount to success when a person is running a site or a blog that offers different kinds of products or services geared for a target market. In today’s fast paced world, customers use search engines to look for the things they want or need. Gone are the days when a person has to personally go to a mall or shop to get the things they want. They can just type in a few keywords and voila! The site they want to visit will appear on the results page.

Optimizing your site for search engines will give you an advantage over everyone else. But getting your site to the top of search engine results pages can be tricky. As an entrepreneur you can outsource your search engine optimization program to an NH SEO company. Outsourcing your search engine optimization needs will give you the time you need to focus on more important business matters. Outsourcing to an NH SEO company will give you an advantage because they can provide you with the right set of keywords to crawl on the web and build your web presence.

A good SEO company will help you build your identity online and redirect traffic to your site. Web traffic is important because it is the back bone of an online business. An NH SEO company and other SEO companies will provide you the service for your search engine optimization needs. A good search engine optimization company will help you move up the page rankings through keyword optimization, meta-tags, right content, and links. To check the quality of a SEO company, one must look at their body of work. Check the sites they have helped move up page rankings.  

Good SEO companies will have the right set of links for your site. Good links will provide you the traffic you need to generate good search engine results. Links in the right sites or forums will boost your page ranking. Check the sites or forums that your links are in so that you will know if they are in the right places. Also make sure the content that a SEO company put in your site is relevant to your intended audience. The content and keywords are important because they are the most commonly detected section when a search engine describes websites and ranks them accordingly.

The meta-tags are optional because once you have the right set of keywords in your content or title, you are on your way to moving up search engine results pages. But if you want to boost your search engine results you can ask a NH SEO company or any other SEO company you hire to encode the keywords into HTML code to help your site be search engine friendly. A SEO company will put in the hours to make your site SEO friendly. A specialized company will know where to put your links, how to get the search engines to crawl your site, and what keywords are appropriate for your site. Look for a SEO company that provides the best service through proven work.  

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NH SEO Services are No Longer behind the Times

If you mention NH SEO services in California, they might dismiss your suggestion outright. The West Coast is notorious for an attitude of indifference, even disdain, when it comes to technology east of the Rocky Mountains. In years past, that dismissal may have been justified. For a long time, folks here in New Hampshire were set in their ways and not about to change their marketing strategy. In fact, this obstinate attitude was seen in many states north of New York City, including major cities like Boston, Hartford, and Manchester. New Hampshire and New England in general just didn’t get it.

Economic situations, good and bad, create demand. For many years, our primary industries here in New England were manufacturing, agriculture, and construction. None of them really needed that technical stuff, so why bother spending time and money on it? The internet was a cool place to have a website, but that site was only looked at by existing customers or employees. All your advertising contained a link for it, but hits off that were few and far between. Again, why bother with SEO and internet marketing when you did just fine using traditional media and walk-in traffic?

What happened? The mills closed first, the farms struggled to compete and started to go under one by one, and the housing bubble burst, eliminating construction jobs for over two years. The makeup of New England commerce changed almost overnight. Technology firms had been here for a while, but now men and women who had done labor or factory work their whole lives needed to learn computer skills, in a hurry. The number of home-based, Mom and Pop businesses that have opened since 2008 is more than at any time in New Hampshire’s history. The website traffic NH businesses are getting now is as high as anywhere in the country.

With demand comes supply. The SEO services NH businesses had relied on in the years leading up to our current economic situation had always come from outside the Granite State. No one here ever took the time to learn the industry because there just wasn’t enough of a demand to justify the hours needed to master it. That has changed, and the fact that you’re reading this right now proves it. Did you find us via search or through a referral from someone else? Either way, you found us. That’s what SEO is all about. Now, let us help others find you.

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