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Creating a Description For Each Website Page

A web page’s description is like a blurb in the back of a book, it gives just enough detail to tease you into buying it. But in order to sell itself in the market against other books, the writer needs to convince the readers that they can get the information they need from it. The same logic applies when creating a description for every webpage. As a web master you should utilize the description of a web page by inserting important keywords that are direct to the point. This will increase the number of users visiting your web page consequently increasing your rank in the Search Engine Ranking system.

This system works by narrowing down millions of web page content determining their relevance to what the user is looking for and its number of views. Placing keywords in the description is a good way to attract users but most search engines no longer value the keyword element like they used to. Search engine providers discovered that web masters intentionally insert false keywords to attract users to their web page. They do this is to increase the number of hits their webpage receives thereby increasing its rank. Instead, the providers as well as the users rely on the description of a web page to determine the match.

Another key to creating a description for every web page is to make it unique. The reason why web masters are hungry to be a top ranked website is because the content they offer is similar to others. When the topics they contain are searched online, other web pages are bound to appear therefore diminishing their chance of gaining a hit. If the content of your web page were one of a kind, then you wouldn’t have to worry about search engine results because it will only display your website.

Also, aim for the main topic of the article when choosing a title. The title serves as the keyword and description of your web page so the wording should be precise. Or you can always come up with a catchy title to attract a user’s attention. For instance, “On Global Warming” would’ve been a good title for a documentary but “An Inconvenient Truth” made it much more interesting and unique.

The most basic of all technicalities in creating a description for every web page lies within the HTML syntax. If you don’t know how to use markup and meta tags, then your web page is doomed. HTML markup and meta tags make up a web page. Try opening a web browser then click on the ‘View’ tab. Click ‘Source’ or ‘Page Source’ from the drop down menu. For other operating systems like Mac OS X, try right clicking a random web page and click on “View Page Source”. A window containing the website’s source code will automatically pop up on your screen. This is the anatomy of that web page. It can be a guide for advanced applications of HTML codes but the basic codes are as follows:



<title>Creating Visits Inc</title>

<meta name=“description” content=“This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating visits to your website.” />

<meta  name=“keywords” content=“creating visits,website visits,create visits to your website” />



All tags are within HTML syntax and always enclosed in angle brackets. Markup tags come in pairs that consist of start and end tags (end tags contain / within the angle brackets). Whereas meta tags are “data about data” that do not require end tags to complete it. Try these simple steps in creating a web page and use the tips provided to create a functional description.

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Titles and Meta Tags Help Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings have made life easier for both businesses and customers. Both buyers and sellers now have access to a pool of stores, information, and a wider market place for buying and selling. Both sides benefit because of search engines. But for the entrepreneur who wants to capitalize on a one of a kind marketing tool he or she must use the proper tools to establish a known online identity. It is important to have a distinct online identity because internet browsers look to search engines for their needs. They just type in a set of keywords and results come out in a split second. It is important to have a good set of keywords to bolster your chances of moving up in search engine results pages.

Titles and meta tags help search engine rankings so use keywords that you are trying to rank for in them. Using the right titles and meta tags to help boost search engine rankings should be at the top of your priority list when you start an internet marketing campaign. The titles of your content and their corresponding meta-tags describe your site to search engines which in turn move you up or down search engine results pages. The content of the site must fit with the keywords encoded in your website.

Titles and meta tags to help search engine rankings will help an entrepreneur boost their presence online. Coding the keywords into your meta-tags will not boost your site presence right away. Crawlers will have to diligently network your site or it must create unique clicks to rise up in search engine results pages. The keywords encoded into your site will have to be used in the content of your site. For example, if you have a meta-description about weight loss pills to help burn body fat and your meta-tags are weight loss, body fat, body fat loss, and fat loss, you must use the meta-tags as your keywords in order to fully search engine optimize your site.

A unique meta-tag will not guarantee you the search engine results you want but is one way to boost your site rankings in a crowded internet marketing field. It is important to use your keywords well in order to redirect traffic to your site or gain significant market share in search engine results pages. An entrepreneur must also use the keywords in the title of their site. Search engines most often read the title of your content or of your site when it starts ranking pages. The more unique your title is, the better your chances of getting a good description and page rank from search engines.

Titles and meta tags help search engine rankings may not be a fool-proof plan in helping an entrepreneur with their online presence; still, it is a step in the right direction. You must understand your own business and what content you want in your site. The keywords you use must match with the business you are in to generate interest from potential customers or casual site visitors.

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Adding Keyword Content Without Spamming

Everybody is aware that content is the most important thing in online websites. But unfortunately, not a great deal of individuals have the capacity to tell a person what he has to accomplish to make certain that his web content is of high quality. Sure enough, it will take volumes of instructional materials to show an individual all of the procedures that are required in writing quality web content. However, there are a few things that one could learn easily that would bring him to Internet success. The most significant tip that one ought to learn is appropriately adding keyword content without spamming.

One could observe tons of evidences of what is called keyword stuffing all over the web, and one could determine this very easily when he reads the site contents. Needless to say, one would have to utilize keywords if he would like to rank nicely in search engine sites, but he does not have to utilize the keywords so blatantly that the content has very little relevance & is virtually unreadable.

As already expressed, there is a great deal of bad web content (from keyword spamming) all over the Internet. As a result, one has to make certain that he pays careful attention when putting in keywords onto his website. A person should not just throw his keywords into the ‘spaces’ they do not belong. Placing keywords into a site’s web content is an art and one could write his subject matter in an approach wherein his readers or visitors would not even perceive that the keywords or key phrases are there.

One has to look for variance of the keywords that he is utilizing. The web content that he writes ought to be informative and valuable to the readers in addition to being keyword optimized. It is totally okay if an individual’s content is not perfect when it comes to grammar and the like, but he should always proofread his content prior to publishing it on his website. Poorly written content would lead people to assume that everything in regards to a person’s business is poor. For instance, if one’s website is an online shop and it contains badly constructed content, shoppers would assume that his merchandises are of poor quality.

These are just a few of the things that one ought to accomplish with regard to adding keyword content without spamming to make certain that he is able to write and publish the most ideal content for his website. It is evidently not a simple task, but one could benefit to a great extent from a well-written site content. If one is not able to write high-quality content on his own, he ought to hire somebody else to do it for him.

Now that you are armed with this information in regard to adding keyword content without spamming, you should utilize what you have learned to write and publish better web contents for your site. Believe me. As soon as you apply the simple tips cited here, you will gradually notice the positive outcomes.

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HTML Code Basics – Creating Website Visits

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is something many people are confronted with everyday. It surrounds many modern human beings, and it is even something people often interact with. Students may use it to submit their requirements to their teachers. Employees use it to speak with their bosses. Teenagers on a break use it to tell their friends what they are up to.

The language of the World Wide Web is HTML, and it is what makes up all websites, from the simplest search engine to the most complicated online banking portal, runs on HTML. It may include other code that cannot exactly be classified as HTML, but no website can exist without even a few lines of HTML.

Considering the prevalence of HTML in daily life, it is quite odd that apart from programmers, website builders and Internet enthusiasts, few people are acquainted with HTML code basics. They know how to deal with the front-end interface with websites, but do not understand even the most basic of the code that runs it.

A problem people may run into is the complication that seems to exist with lines of code, even if those lines are just HTML code basics. People are often afraid of any text that isn’t parsed in the format of prose. Syntaxes and values can be difficult to learn and retain in one’s mind. HTML code also brings to mind the more brain-wracking and complicated codes used to program full computer programs and software.

Markup language is dominated by a few concepts. One of them is nesting. Many tags that create a rule or have an effect, have a corresponding tag that ends the rule and delineates the part of the website where it has an effect. The tag <b>, for example, makes text bold. If it is placed at the start of a paragraph but no closing tag is placed at the end of it, the entire website from the start of the paragraph onwards will display in boldface. Closing tags appear just like opening tags but with a backslash after the opening bracket. The corresponding closing tag for <b> would therefore be </b>.

Some basic HTML codes are the ones used to format text in a page. In a normal desktop word processing application or program, a user would have to simply highlight a string of text and click on the appropriate buttons (or even press the appropriate shortcuts on a keyboard) to turn the text into boldface or italics or to underline it. But with HTML, one would have to open a plain text editor, look for the string of plain text he or she wants to format, and put the appropriate tags at the beginning and end of a string. For boldface, the opening and closing tags are <b> and </b> (some use <strong> and </strong>, with the same effect). For italics, the tags are <i> and </i>, the alternative being <em> and </em>. To underline text, one would have to wrap it with the tags <u> and </u>.

Learning these HTML code basics may not be necessary to surf the Web, but they are useful for learning how websites work. These basics are also how many Web developers and website creators started their fascination and career with the Internet. They may seem difficult to learn at first, but it gets easier once one learns the system that makes HTML work.

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Creating Website Visits Easily With Domain Nmae and Titles

The internet has provided businesses a way of selling their wares through a much wider audience compared to before. Nowadays, one can sell their products or services online without worrying about boundaries. People can directly market their products or services directly to their target market. A person no longer has to locate their target market with intensive market research or product sampling. A business’s target market will go directly to them via search engines on the internet. That is why creating website visits are of utmost importance when a person sells products or services online. 

Creating website visits is simple but takes hard work from the person running an e-commerce site. It is of utmost importance that a person running a site or a blog knows their target market. Once a person knows their target market, it will be easier to add content to the site or make adjustments on the products or services that are being sold. You must first understand the psyche of your target market in order to effectively communicate with them. Understand their needs and wants and give it to them according to how they want it.

If you are running an online store you must have good content that is search engine optimization friendly. Design the site in a way that it will come up easily in search engine results. Write the titles in the same way you would write keywords. Encode the right tags, meta-tags, and links.

Creating website visits is tantamount to success if a person is running a blog. Keywords play a vital role in your success online. You must use your keywords correctly and excellently to generate enough website visits to increase your sales. You must formulate your keywords in a unique way that will set you apart from anyone else who are using the same set. Make your keywords specific instead of general. For example use “car designer based in New Hampshire” instead of “car designer for hire”. By making your keywords distinct it would be easier to narrow down the search and create unique tags.

Creating website visits is one way of increasing the money you earn from your site or blog. Creating website visits include a search engine optimization friendly website, good back links, and a strong list to redirect traffic to your site or blog. A person can also redirect traffic to their site by selling products or services of affiliate sites. You can choose to collaborate with similar sites to post your ads or links to their site. A person can help direct traffic to their site by helping another business with their site. It is better to collaborate with others and work as a team to boost website traffic.

Get a good list by posting comments on videos, forums, or other sites that are in the same industry as your business. You can leave links to your site if given permission. A business can also create content for other sites and provide a link to their site or blog to redirect traffic.

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How to Get Visitors to Your Website: A Guide

Learning how to get visitors to your website seems like a daunting task for the wannabe online entrepreneur. An online entrepreneur is faced with daunting competition because of the internet phenomenon. More and more businesses are shifting to online stores or online marketing for their businesses. An entrepreneur would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity that the internet has presented. How to get visitors to your website is simple, you just have to redirect traffic to your site n a variety of ways.

Here is a short list on how to get visitors to your website:

  • Get visitors to a site by linking to other sites. A person can get web traffic by linking with other sites. A person can link to other sites by offering affiliate programs like packaged deals which can be sold to customers. A person can make a deal with a business in the same industry by offering a tie up with their current product line in exchange for a link and ads on their website. An example of a packaged deal would be selling of antivirus software along with an operating system. There are other packaged deals you can do with affiliate programs all you have to do is find the right mix and the right partner.
  • A person must use the right set of keywords encoded with the meta-tags. Using the right set of keywords is tantamount to a successful search engine result. A site must be search engine optimization friendly in order to generate good results in search engine pages. Ideally, your site should be in the top 3 of search engine results pages but to attain that ranking one must do their work in optimizing their site. Use your keywords well in order to move up in page rankings. Make your keywords stand out by making them specific for your target market. Don’t use keywords that are not related to your business or keywords that are not relevant to your target market.
  • Create content that is interesting to your intended target market. Writing interesting content for your target market will boost your website traffic. If your site or blog sells weight loss pills make sure your content corresponds to the product or service you are selling. Avoid confusing your target market about the products or services you are offering. It is better to have a clear value proposition to your target market instead of a site that is not sure what they offer.
  • Use the right set of words for your title tag. Use words that are similar to your title tag in order to rise up in search engine results pages and boost your website traffic. A good title tag will be ranked accordingly by a search engine. After using a good title for your site, frame the content of your site to match the keywords you are using.

This is just a short guide on how to get visitors to your website. It is up to you to find the best way to bolster your website traffic.

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How Writing Articles Helps Website Ranking

Writing articles helps website ranking and is a great way to promote business online. It is a very important facet in one’s online success because it is one of the ways to drive traffic for the website. Writing articles helps improve website ranking with the right keywords. One’s website will be up there in the website search engine rankings. One should start practicing and experimenting so as to see the effect of article writing on website ranking. Here are some ways on how writing articles helps website ranking.

When writing articles, there are many things to keep in mind. One should decide on the topics to write; they should be topics of general interest that are interesting to the writer and blog owner as well as interesting to one’s readers. They should be original in content and should come across to the readers as powerful and sincere. This can only happen if content is original. One should also keep in mind that the search engine is very strict when it comes to duplicate content. 

One should write a good title that should also be rich in keywords. This is how a reader’s attention is caught and how driving traffic to one’s blog or website becomes easier. The title should impress the searcher. It should also be short and written in bold face letters. Most searchers look for ideas on how to do things so it is best to set the article and the title in that tone.

Writing is sometimes hard so one should never waver in the goal and be always motivated with the fact that writing articles helps drive website ranking. After the writing is done one should start submitting the articles to reliable articles directories. A quick search in Google will lead one to the right place. One should submit articles in the websites with the highest positions in Google as they are one with the most business. Once the articles are approved one should not forget to write a link to one’s website. This is great way to drive in traffic and reap the effects of how writing article helps website ranking.

One should find his writing flow and get on with it. This means that one should write articles on a constant basis. It will be advantageous to write five to ten articles a day.  One can use these articles to update his blog or website. One of the ways to convince visitors to drop by one’s blog or website is to keep it fresh with new articles everyday. The rest of the articles can be used for marketing campaign and submission to articles directories.

Linking is one of best ways to create value on one’s blog and website to search engines and subsequently drive in more traffic. One should link articles together. This will not only make them easier to find for one’s visitors but also to increase one’s internal links. With the use of anchor texts with poplar keywords from one’s niche, visitors will come flocking to the website or blog in no time at all.

Make Sure Your Blog Titles Mean Something

If you have a blog and you add posts to it then you should make sure that you cross all the “t’s” and dot all the “i’s” before you publish each blog. That includes creating the right title, adding meta tags and writing good quality content without too many links.

Creating The Right Title

Most people have a Word Press blog which I also have here and the title is right above where you’re typing. You should title the blog at the end of writing at least 400-500 words. The “word count” is below the body of the blog. Once you’re done writing the article you can pick a good title which has a few guidlines.

Obviously you want to catch peoples eyes with the title, so make it clever. But where are those eyes that you’re catching? People searching on Google will enter a search and find a list of 10 Blue “Titles” in the search engine. The closest matched title to the search usually comes up first. If there’s multiple similar titles it goes to the content and much more.

The point is that people see that title in the search engine and it’s also for you to request what Google ranks you for with the title of the blog. Try typing in the exact title to your blog post 4-5 days after you post it and you’ll probably see it at the top. Then if you have 50 blog posts with good titles you’ll keep showing up for more and more phrases in Google.

Creating Good Content

Forget everything you’ve heard about “content is king” and “push all the keywords you can“. If you make sense about the subject you’re discussing then the keywords should already be there. How many times have I already mentioned the words “titles and keywords”? Enough! Try to show up for the title of your blog post and then write a GOOD post about it so that visitors who actually click on you from Google will read a second post of yours as well.

If my blog said, “Make sure you add titles and keywords because titles and keywords are the best way to show up for your titles and keywords“, then Google would put me in the search engine for about a day and see that everyone hated my content and rank the rest of my blog less as well. So create good content and about 400-500 words per blog post.

Creating Meta Tags

On the right hand side of your Word Press blog it will say “Post Tags“. This is a request sent to the search engine asking to show up for the phrases you type in. Type as many as you’d like and make them variations of the Title you pick. “showing up for keywords, showing up for key phrases, entering titles and tags to your blog…”. Put a comma between each and add about 10-15 tags before posting the blog.

I have now reached 400 words so you can read some of my other blog posts and my website for more free information on blogs and building a website of your own.

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