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The Right Approach to Business Web Design and Hosting

To get far in business, much emphasis has to be put on business web design and hosting. Let’s face it – any company worth its salt requires an online presence to become successful. The influence of the internet has reached to a point that it’s professional suicide not to employ the viral influence the World Wide Web can provide. Year after year, more and more people are using the internet to do their shopping. Statistics show that purchases online is steadily on the rise. Imagine how much your small business will be losing in terms of sales and marketing if the viral influence of the internet isn’t employed.

The key to using the internet to its maximum potential is to know the tools of the trade. It can be a daunting task at first, what with the jargon that comes with it, but you have to reassure yourself that any question you may have can be found on the internet. Hey, ever heard of Google? All the tips and tricks are readily accessible as long as you know how to find them. You have the internet. Use it. Take time to learn the tools of the trade, and you’d find out soon enough that all that time spent burning the midnight oil are worth it.

The approach to business web design and hosting might be different from the steps involved in setting up a brick & mortar business. But the main principles are still there. Your company needs a recognizable name, so you should pick a domain name that is easily recognizable but creates a profound impact.

And of course, you need to choose a hosting company that has a reliable web server uptime.  Some extensive research has to be done to ensure that the support department of the hosting company you pick is always available. You don’t want to be left to your own devices in case your site experiences technical difficulties. Even a few minutes of downtime can cause a lot of damage to your site’s web online presence.

Once you’ve chosen a hosting company, you will have online tools that can help you in creating your website. As your business starts to grow, your website should be able to keep up with the increasing demands. You have to upgrade your site accordingly. Remember, in order to earn money, you have to spend money. So it’s important that you maintain your upkeep as customer flow continues to increase. So you have to keep tabs on all aspects involved in the web hosting. By this time, you should be in constant communication with the web hosting company and be on the dot on other services and tools that can help your business.

Having a site that has all the required content can only go so far. A site needs to be attractive enough to entice users to stay on the site and keep coming back for more.  Luckily, you don’t need specialized training to design your website. There are web design sites that can help you.  Once you’ve made it this far, you’ll learn that business web design and hosting are a very essential aspect in managing a small business and you’ll be soon reaping the rewards.

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Creating a Description For Each Website Page

A web page’s description is like a blurb in the back of a book, it gives just enough detail to tease you into buying it. But in order to sell itself in the market against other books, the writer needs to convince the readers that they can get the information they need from it. The same logic applies when creating a description for every webpage. As a web master you should utilize the description of a web page by inserting important keywords that are direct to the point. This will increase the number of users visiting your web page consequently increasing your rank in the Search Engine Ranking system.

This system works by narrowing down millions of web page content determining their relevance to what the user is looking for and its number of views. Placing keywords in the description is a good way to attract users but most search engines no longer value the keyword element like they used to. Search engine providers discovered that web masters intentionally insert false keywords to attract users to their web page. They do this is to increase the number of hits their webpage receives thereby increasing its rank. Instead, the providers as well as the users rely on the description of a web page to determine the match.

Another key to creating a description for every web page is to make it unique. The reason why web masters are hungry to be a top ranked website is because the content they offer is similar to others. When the topics they contain are searched online, other web pages are bound to appear therefore diminishing their chance of gaining a hit. If the content of your web page were one of a kind, then you wouldn’t have to worry about search engine results because it will only display your website.

Also, aim for the main topic of the article when choosing a title. The title serves as the keyword and description of your web page so the wording should be precise. Or you can always come up with a catchy title to attract a user’s attention. For instance, “On Global Warming” would’ve been a good title for a documentary but “An Inconvenient Truth” made it much more interesting and unique.

The most basic of all technicalities in creating a description for every web page lies within the HTML syntax. If you don’t know how to use markup and meta tags, then your web page is doomed. HTML markup and meta tags make up a web page. Try opening a web browser then click on the ‘View’ tab. Click ‘Source’ or ‘Page Source’ from the drop down menu. For other operating systems like Mac OS X, try right clicking a random web page and click on “View Page Source”. A window containing the website’s source code will automatically pop up on your screen. This is the anatomy of that web page. It can be a guide for advanced applications of HTML codes but the basic codes are as follows:



<title>Creating Visits Inc</title>

<meta name=“description” content=“This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating visits to your website.” />

<meta  name=“keywords” content=“creating visits,website visits,create visits to your website” />



All tags are within HTML syntax and always enclosed in angle brackets. Markup tags come in pairs that consist of start and end tags (end tags contain / within the angle brackets). Whereas meta tags are “data about data” that do not require end tags to complete it. Try these simple steps in creating a web page and use the tips provided to create a functional description.

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Website Visitors Need To View More Pages

Getting your current website visitors to view another page of your website can help grow your business in more ways than one. Obviously having a visitor view a second page gives your company to chance to entice a different product of service but Google also gives your website more popularity for it.

Having your website on the first page of Google is worth a lot of money to your business because your company is right there with all of your products and services listed for them to view. Visitors can now come to your website, browse through your products and possibly buy something from you. This eventually turns into a number game where 1 visit of 100 places an order.

So if Google places your website on the first page for a week and you get 1000 new visits because of it what will happen with that data? Will they keep you there longer? Will they pull your website up to the first page for more phrases to make your site even more popular? Or will they send you right back to the bottom? Will it create more website visits?

Well Google will analyze this information more before doing anything. Assume, out of those 1000 visits, you got 900 of them to view a second and third page before leaving your website. That’s GOOD information! That says that 900 out of 1000 people liked your website enough to view more data, products or services you offer. Google can only see that as good information and move your website up with even more keywords for the same affect.

If the opposite happens however, and only 50 of 1000 visitors view a second page it tells Google a slightly different story. It shows that many people find something horribly wrong with the page they’re seeing and want to leave immediately. Why would Google want to list your website as a reputable one when only 50 people of 1000 seem to like it at all?

Google is the top rated search engine because they’ve figured out how to only show the best website available for the information you type in. How annoying is it to search for something only to find a bunch of websites with Ads all over them? Well hopefully most everyone will back out of that website right away in order to give it a bad name and Google will remove it. This is what separates Google from other search engines.

If you’re going to create a website the content should be intriguing so that the visitors will stay and possibly view a second and third page of yours. That’s the big thing that will help your website improve rankings in the search engine.

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A Quick Guide On Studying CSS Code Basics

Each day that one uses the Internet and look at online sites, one is looking at the results of CSS code. Such a programming language is essentially the design language online and is directly responsible for how a website looks. Everything on a web page and site, including the graphics, manner of link buttons, column positioning and many other elements are managed by this language.

Consequently, if one desires to become a website designer or developer, he needs to be able to program flawlessly in CSS code in addition to HTML. If one does not know HTML, one would have to learn this subject in conjunction with CSS as they’re both very distinct from each other though need to work concurrently.

In this article, we would look at some CSS code basics tips if one wants to study this programming language but could not go and learn it in an actual school. Fortunately with access to the World Wide Web (WWW), one does not need to. The initial pointer is to enrol in a no cost online class. There are a number of sites that offer such for free and could be a superb way to understand the CSS code basics and provide one the groundwork knowledge he needs.

One of the significant aspects of CSS is properties. It is critical that one learns the properties in CSS as they control the look of different elements on a web page. One could find lists of such properties online by locating property libraries.

While one is learning and becoming familiar with this design language, he needs to develop a comprehension for the power that CSS has. One could accomplish this by studying a handful of CSS site directories which showcase sites with very similar HTML code that are fixed with various CSS texts. This would show one how he could modify the entire experience of a site by simply modifying its cascading design sheets.

If one is intent on studying this subject over the web, he would need to get a few advices from more advanced programmers every now and then. One could find these individuals on web development forums, so he should attempt to hunt for the most popular forums and join. If one reads through the threads initially, there is a great chance that another newbie enquired the similar question & it was answered. Then again, if one has a new query, he should not be afraid to ask. One would possibly get an answer eventually & this is definitely one of the best means to develop higher knowledge of the matter.

Finally, one ought to search out for web design blogs and tutorial websites and methodically go though their contents. There is most likely lots of novice to advanced information that one could learn, which would help him to develop cleaner and more efficient code. If the websites have newsletters, one should sign up as well as majority of bloggers give special discounts and deals to their readership.

Although CSS may be challenging to understand, once a person keeps trying and bearing in mind the CSS code basics tips on here, he would definitely reach the level he desires to be at.

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