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Building A Website For Many Different Reasons

There are a lot of reasons to build a website and mostly all of them relate to money at this point. The internet was created many years ago in order to share information and only a select few were able to access it. Now look where we’ve come in 2011.

Everyone wants a website or blog for a different reason. Some like to blog about everyday life, home recipes, remedies, games and all about their life. Others like to build a website in order to have millions view it and get paid for advertising. Whatever your personal goal might be, the same thing needs to be done in order to create it.

Building a website with a nice design and in an organized way can be very difficult. The biggest reason being that people learn one thing and a time and execute it before learning the next. People build websites and name the pages “page 1, page 2, page 3” and then realize later that they aren’t showing up in the search engine.

Attempting to build a website on your own can be a frustrating task. Where do you learn? Who do you trust? How much do you pay before making something back?

Well every business has start up costs and an amount of time before making the first sale, nevermind a profit at the end of the month. Take it slow and do it at night while keeping your day job because it definitley won’t be an over night gold mine. You should at least keep your job until you start turning a decent profit each month.

The longest wait time will be a website that will solely make money with Ads because it takes a long time to get the amount of visitors it takes to get the good paying Ads on your website. They want your site to have at least 1000-2000 visits per day. Not page views, visits. One of my websites just recently broke that mark and it’s a great one to pass because the Ad money actually starts to come and makes the last 2 years worthwhile!

A website selling a product will work much faster and easier. You can get 100-200 visits per day within 6 months, or so, and start making good money from it. The problem is that most people don’t have room to store the items they need to keep in stock for their new customers.

A good place to start your business is on Ebay because you can get used to selling a product and following the correct procedures to make your customer happy. Order confirmation and shipping confirmation seem to be very popular with most internet and Ebay buyers.

Remember that starting a website requires skills in web design, seo services, business and relations with people. If you’re lacking in any of those areas it may not be the best choice for you. Money isn’t going to just start pouring over your head. You’ll have to work very hard to compete with the best of the best already out there and established.

Creating Visits
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NH SEO Services are No Longer behind the Times

If you mention NH SEO services in California, they might dismiss your suggestion outright. The West Coast is notorious for an attitude of indifference, even disdain, when it comes to technology east of the Rocky Mountains. In years past, that dismissal may have been justified. For a long time, folks here in New Hampshire were set in their ways and not about to change their marketing strategy. In fact, this obstinate attitude was seen in many states north of New York City, including major cities like Boston, Hartford, and Manchester. New Hampshire and New England in general just didn’t get it.

Economic situations, good and bad, create demand. For many years, our primary industries here in New England were manufacturing, agriculture, and construction. None of them really needed that technical stuff, so why bother spending time and money on it? The internet was a cool place to have a website, but that site was only looked at by existing customers or employees. All your advertising contained a link for it, but hits off that were few and far between. Again, why bother with SEO and internet marketing when you did just fine using traditional media and walk-in traffic?

What happened? The mills closed first, the farms struggled to compete and started to go under one by one, and the housing bubble burst, eliminating construction jobs for over two years. The makeup of New England commerce changed almost overnight. Technology firms had been here for a while, but now men and women who had done labor or factory work their whole lives needed to learn computer skills, in a hurry. The number of home-based, Mom and Pop businesses that have opened since 2008 is more than at any time in New Hampshire’s history. The website traffic NH businesses are getting now is as high as anywhere in the country.

With demand comes supply. The SEO services NH businesses had relied on in the years leading up to our current economic situation had always come from outside the Granite State. No one here ever took the time to learn the industry because there just wasn’t enough of a demand to justify the hours needed to master it. That has changed, and the fact that you’re reading this right now proves it. Did you find us via search or through a referral from someone else? Either way, you found us. That’s what SEO is all about. Now, let us help others find you.

Web Design Still Helps SEO Ranking

Web design has many debates between web developers and actual visitors of the websites. Obviously the developers want a piece of art to browse through but visitors seem to be more impressed with decent design and great navigation. Visitors get aggrevated with videos, loading pictures and slide shows that also take a long time to load.

That being said, everyone wants a nice looking website. If not, visitors may think it’s been made by an amature or won’t have the best price or quality of service as a company might.

Google and other search engines can’t increase the rankings of a website based on the design because they can’t analyze pictures yet. However, once visitors are already coming to your site the web design may have an impact from there.

Google analyzes the percentage of people that view more than one page, end up buying a product, and how long a visitor stays on each page. Some of that could come down to poor design which causes your visitors to leave your site. Sometimes if there’s a lot of big Ads or pop ups on the site people will leave as well.

On the flip side, good web design could actually keep visitors longer making search engines believe you have somethine they want. That increases the quality rank of your site compared to others and ranks you higher when certain phrases are typed in.

If you’re struggling to show up for a popular keyword but already showing up for longer phrases then that’s where this comes in. Search engines will give you a few small words that not too many people type in. That way they can analyze your website more before putting a spammy website at the top of the search engine for millions to see. The second level of analyzation is where your website will either make it or it won’t.

That’s why web design is also very important to keeping your website popular in the search engines. The content, titles and tags are just asking for permission to show up for what you want. The rest is up to the quality of your website.

Creating Visits
Not Just Web Design, Guaranteed Visitors

Everyone wants to be listed #1 for all types of keywords and phrases on the different search engines which takes a lot of work. This blog will help everyone learn some simple tactics for showing up quicker and giving the search engine everything they need to get your website to the top.

First think about Google as a business. They want to offer you the 10 best websites on the first page of the results. Google is competing with MSN and Yahoo to bring better results which might be your website. Forget about titles, tags and all the other background things people tell you to do in order to rank your website, and start thinking about having good content.

Keep adding more and more content so that Google has many different pages to choose from. They want to best answer the search request which may be in the content of your website. Write a question as the title of your next blog and spend 400 words answering it. Then you’ll have a good chance of showing up for that question.

Then you’ll have to start adding many more blog posts and you’ll see that you’ll start showing up much more. Try to forget the big word or phrase and go after longer phrases, questions and information about your website or services you offer. Think about what someone might type into Google, name your blog post that, and start typing.

Make sure you thoroughly answer the question in which you state you can answer. If you don’t then visitors will not visit a second page of yours and Google will think less about advancing your site next time. Popular websites are seen as those that have 100 visitors viewing more than one page. A lot can be said for the website that gets 100 visitors all leaving in 10 seconds. Search engines know that and rank your website lower because you obviously don’t have the content you claim you have.

Have you ever typed in a question to Google and seen the exact phrased question as a search result? Then you go to that website and it doesn’t answer the question at all. So you have to check 3 other websites before finding it.

Google is analyzing searches every day. Just like the super market figured out that putting milk in the very back corner of the store will increase the chances that the person who only needs milk will buy a second item during their tour through the store. Or putting cereal on the bottom rack will sell more because it’s at eye level for kids.

Google is known as the best lately because everything they seem to touch turns to gold. People have the confidence that Google will croos all the “t’s” and dot all the “i’s” before claiming anything is valid. They created a lot of trust because people know they won’t slack on any job they do. That includes letting some low quality website to the top of the search engine by trying to pull the wool over Google’s eyes. Trust me, it won’t happen.

Write 400-500 word blog posts once per day for 2 months and you’ll start seeing traffic if you write something that people want to read. Creating visits to your website will come in time and you’ll start getting a lot of repeat visitors as well. You can’t just built a blog or website and leave it there to collect dust. You have to keep writing, keep updating and give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for or else you won’t get the visits.

Creating Visits
Not Just Web Design, Guaranteed Visitors

Make Sure Your Blog Titles Mean Something

If you have a blog and you add posts to it then you should make sure that you cross all the “t’s” and dot all the “i’s” before you publish each blog. That includes creating the right title, adding meta tags and writing good quality content without too many links.

Creating The Right Title

Most people have a Word Press blog which I also have here and the title is right above where you’re typing. You should title the blog at the end of writing at least 400-500 words. The “word count” is below the body of the blog. Once you’re done writing the article you can pick a good title which has a few guidlines.

Obviously you want to catch peoples eyes with the title, so make it clever. But where are those eyes that you’re catching? People searching on Google will enter a search and find a list of 10 Blue “Titles” in the search engine. The closest matched title to the search usually comes up first. If there’s multiple similar titles it goes to the content and much more.

The point is that people see that title in the search engine and it’s also for you to request what Google ranks you for with the title of the blog. Try typing in the exact title to your blog post 4-5 days after you post it and you’ll probably see it at the top. Then if you have 50 blog posts with good titles you’ll keep showing up for more and more phrases in Google.

Creating Good Content

Forget everything you’ve heard about “content is king” and “push all the keywords you can“. If you make sense about the subject you’re discussing then the keywords should already be there. How many times have I already mentioned the words “titles and keywords”? Enough! Try to show up for the title of your blog post and then write a GOOD post about it so that visitors who actually click on you from Google will read a second post of yours as well.

If my blog said, “Make sure you add titles and keywords because titles and keywords are the best way to show up for your titles and keywords“, then Google would put me in the search engine for about a day and see that everyone hated my content and rank the rest of my blog less as well. So create good content and about 400-500 words per blog post.

Creating Meta Tags

On the right hand side of your Word Press blog it will say “Post Tags“. This is a request sent to the search engine asking to show up for the phrases you type in. Type as many as you’d like and make them variations of the Title you pick. “showing up for keywords, showing up for key phrases, entering titles and tags to your blog…”. Put a comma between each and add about 10-15 tags before posting the blog.

I have now reached 400 words so you can read some of my other blog posts and my website for more free information on blogs and building a website of your own.

Creating Visits
Not Just Web Design, Guaranteed Visitors

Creating Website Visits is a Process – If you do it Right

Some goals in life can be accomplished with a single action. Certifications are earned by taking and passing a test. Reaching a faraway destination can be accomplished by boarding a plane. In business, one ad in the local newspaper could bring customers flocking to your store for a sale. Creating website visits, on the other hand, happens only after a series of actions. It’s a process, not an event, but only if you do it correctly. Some folks think they can still buy those visits. You can to a certain extent, but those purchases won’t give you the sustained long-term traffic you need.

We’re guessing that right now, after reading the first paragraph of this post, you’re thinking about PPC. You’re right. Pay per click is a way to buy website visits, but only as long as you can continue to pay for them. The moment you stop spending that money buying keywords, that large influx of new traffic will stop, suddenly. Those who understand internet marketing and SEO use PPC only as a bridging technique while they’re link building you to a better search engine page position.

As a NH website design professional, I’ve been creating website visits for others for a number of years now. I did it in the corporate world, with great success, and now I can do it for you. The process of getting qualified visitors to come to your site and purchase or sign up for something begins with creating an attractive website with some relevant content on it. The site needs to look good to the human eye and be attractive to search engine spiders at the same time. That attraction comes from proper coding and content development. I offer my clients both.

The process, after the initial design and launch, consists of careful link building and gradual site growth that will show search engines that you are dynamic and active. Interactive sites are good for this, as are sites with blogs attached to them. Contact me any time to learn the difference. I also have a number of marketing and SEO packages that will help you grow from a small business into a major player in your industry. Your website is your online business card. SEO makes sure enough prospects are seeing that business card. I can provide you with both of those.