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Professional Carpet Cleaning SEO Services | Tiverton, RI

Carpet Cleaning RI

Carpet Cleaning RI

Creating Visits is working with Dream Carpets in Rhode Island to improve their website rankings. They hope to build a stronger presence online by showing their logo and customer reviews on various websites. Dream Carpets is on Yelp, BBB, Facebook, Angie’s list and Yellow pages which means you can visit those websites to see how customers feel about Dream Carpets, their services and their hospitality.

Search Engines

Everyone wants to find their website within their favorite search engine once it’s launched, however it takes a few skills to do that. First you have to determine what phrases you want to type in to find yourself. Then you need to label your pages accordingly. Finally, you need to build popularity on various websites by creating online profiles, writing articles and creating press releases.

Reviews come first

When a home owner is looking online for a RI carpet cleaning company they first look for reviews and price options. Once they find a few companies with good reviews the customer can examine price options and possible first-time deals. As a customer you should tell your carpet cleaning company that you’re prepared to leave a good review if you receive good service. Companies know that reviews are important and that new customers use them to determine which company to call.

Rankings aren’t sales

Once your website sits atop the results of Google the sales should start pouring in, right? Wrong. That’s just the first impression. Think from the consumer point of view. People may enter your website and get a negative impression based on your beginner-design or your misspelled words or bad grammar. Maybe your strong views leave a bad impression or the advertisements on the top, bottom and sides of your pages.

Keep it simple

When you have a carpet cleaning website it doesn’t have to be the size of because it will just confuse your customers. List your services and your products along with a Contact Us page. Then send your visitors to Angie’s List to show the positive reviews from real people about your company.

3 Steps to Building Ad Driven Websites

Building an Ad driven website is getting more and more difficult because consumers are getting smarter. They understand what an advertisement is and may avoid clicking it for certain reasons because it may look odd to them, they might think it’s a virus or they don’t want to go to another website. There are things that you can do to make your advertisements look more appealing though.

1. Good Web Design

Visitors understand when you have a professionally built website or a poorly built website. Your graphics, layout and background will exert more than your think to the visitor. Poorly built, cheap websites are built all the time with about five poorly placed Ads that soak up all of the attention of your pages. The attention should be focused on your logo and your content; Ads come second.

2. Quality Content

Again, poor content is noticed the second you enter a website. Simply read a sentence or two and you can tell if the person know what they’re talking about. Have a clear “About Us” page that discusses who you are, why you can write the content that you write, and how people can benefit from it. After all, why are people going to your website? Certainly not just to click Ads.

3. No Tricks

Be honest. Tell people why your website is up and running. Tell them about the quality Ads you have and why they’re helpful to your visitors. For instance, if you discuss real estate information but you’re not a real estate agent of any kind, you can link to local real estate agents. Or you can choose to have a banner Ad in the header, footer and side bar which will just tell people you’re desperate for them to click the Ads.

You are much better off sticking to one subject matter with one website, rather than trying to have 10 different domains. Build, build, build. Build more pages, more blog posts, more online articles and more images, videos and content. You’re not going to magically show up in the first result of search engines with your miniature 5 page website. You can, however, have a 5 page website with a very active blog so that your visitors don’t get confused trying to navigate.

Contact Creating Visits for NH Web Design Services

Creating VisitsChris Bell

15 Ways to Help Your Website Rank in Search Engines

While some things count more than others, it’s important to give search engines everything they need to find your website. Yes, there’s more to it than repeating your keyword 20 times throughout a page. Here are the top 15 ways that Google and other search engines will find you:

Showing up for “Web Design NH”

1. Label your page (file name) with your phrase:

Each page you create should target the same phrase from beginning to end. For instance, I also try to show up for “creating visits” and “SEO services NH” but those are focused on another page.

2. Title pages

Your page title is in the <head> section of your HTML page. If you use WordPress, Joomla or another software to help you build the website, look for “title” and use “Web Design NH”. If you know HTML you can dive into the page code to insert your title into the <title> </title> tags.

3. Description Tags

Your page description is also within the <head> section, directly under the title tag. It will look like this: <meta name=”description” content=”Creating Visits is a web design company in Bedford NH. ”>

4. Keyword Tags

Your page description is also within the <head> section, directly under the title tag. It will look like this: <meta name=”keywords” content=”web design nh, web design Bedford nh, web design services nh”>

The title, description and keyword tags mentioned above are hidden within the HTML. Filling in the <head> area doesn’t actually create anything on the page yet.

5. H1 Tags

H1 tags are used to surround the title of the page seen by your visitors. For instance, if you’re creating a Word document you’ll start by saving it to your desktop with a title, but it’s not necessarily the title at the top of your paper yet. When you create the title at the top of your paper you’ll increase the font size which is the same as using an <h1> Web Design NH </h1> tag.

6. Paragraph content

Inside the paragraph is where most people start spamming. I can talk about “Web Design NH” but I don’t have to write the phrase exactly. I also don’t have to make another page just to target “website design nh”. I can careful mention each word in a scrambled manner. I may only mention “NH” in the footer, but it’s still on the page and noticed when Google scrolls through my page looking for keywords.

7. Image Tags

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can hover over an image and see a few words about it? There are two tags to put into the image here:

<img src=”yourimage.jpg”> – Without Title or Display

<img title=”Web Design NH” src=” yourimage.jpg”> With Title

<img title=” Web Design NH” alt=” Web Design NH” src=” yourimage.jpg”> With Title and Display

When you have these tags in place Google Images can find your image and display it when people search for images. It also helps your overall page because everything from the file name down to the image title mentions the same phrase. Again, if you’re using software to build your website you can find “title” somewhere when placing an image on your page.

8. Video Tags

Same as image tags. When you embed a video on your website it will include the title it already has and it shouldn’t be changed. If you create your own video be sure to title it according to the content within the video.

When you add a page to your website Steps 1 – 8 must always be followed. After creating the page correctly, follow Steps 9 – 15:

9. Blogging

Create a Blog and write once per day.

Write about web design services, techniques, and dos and don’ts. Once throughout the blog post, link to the appropriate page. For instance, this post at some point will link back to my Web Design NH page.

10. Articles

Writing articles is considered “external”, similar to writing a post on Facebook and creating a link to your website. You must write something informational about your services: “How to create a website in WordPress”. Your reward for writing the article on an external website is the ability to create a link back to your website.

11. Press Releases

A press release is exactly like an article on an external website. However the subject matter is slightly different. You’re allowed to talk about your company because you’re releasing “hot” news about a new product line, new website, new facility etc. Again, the main reason to create such a thing is for the link back to your website.

12. Forums

Talk to people in forums about your subject matter. Maybe they’re asking simple questions that you can quickly respond to. Those visitors will be happy to see your comments if they’re accurately answered. Before creating a link back to your website, make sure you’ve thoroughly answered the question. Spammers like to visit hundreds of forms per day and post shady links on them, so forum owners are ready to delete posts that just want the link. However, if you post a solid answer and have a reputable website, most forum owners will allow your link to stay posted.

13. Yahoo Questions

Similar to forums. You can sign up on Yahoo! and to answer questions. Sometimes it takes a few days for your answer to be posted because they look for the “best answer”. I believe the websites allow a link to your website, but it may not be in clear view.

14. Social Media

You don’t have to go viral on Facebook for it to work in your favor. If you have friends, simply post something on your regular Facebook about your website with a link. If you overdo it your friends might drop you, so be careful. Don’t post something every day just to post it because you think each link is helping you. It’s not. Post something that your friends might share with their friends. In other words, post something that they will “Like” so that your post is viewed by thousands instead of just a few hundred.

15. More Pages

Once you have created 5 to 10 main pages for a website, and created them using the steps above, you need to grow. Repeat the process with an 11th page, a 12th and so on. Websites with 1000 pages show up more than websites with 10 pages. More than likely someone else has already used your same page title and keywords, so you still need to stand out by following the steps above.

3 Reasons to Keep Blogging and Make Money

Many people make a living by posting multiple times a day for a single blog or multiple different blogs. I’m sure you’re already sick of hearing that because it seems like a waste of time for you right? Well, here are a few things to remember when blogging instead of thinking about making $5000 per month due to your post from last night.

  1. Make Sure You Enjoy It
  2. Just like any career, you should enjoy what you’re doing. If you love to write then keep on writing regardless of the amount of income you’re generating. When you read articles online some are good and some are bad. Be sure to exude passion when writing about your topics or else your visitors will leave your site instead of clicking on a 2nd or 3rd post.

  3. It Takes Time and Results
  4. Your first blog post isn’t going to show up in the search engines any time soon. Build a presence with about 20 blog posts. Then you can start thinking about search engine presence. When you use a platform such as WordPress most of the SEO services are done for you. Simply title your post, write about 300-400 words, enter your keywords and you have a post that Google can pick up based on the words throughout that particular post. Posts about Aruba Vacations will show up for variations of Aruba Vacations.

  5. Size Matters
  6. Size most definitely matters. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A website or blog with 1000 pages will show up many more times than a website with 5 pages. There are many more variations of words and phrases throughout 1000 pages for search engines to find and rank. That means, you should write and write and write! Don’t forget quality, no one likes a cheap product, service, article or blog. Visitors want information, so give it to them for free and they’ll continue to visit.

Growth is the main goal of blogs and websites. A website that’s updated daily has more chances of showing up than a website that hasn’t been touched in weeks. When the same visitor views multiple pages it tells search engines that visitors like the quality of your content. Try to realize that it’s actually simple and basic to show up in the search engine. Title your pages correctly, write quality content and don’t SPAM! Writing the same work or phrase over and over won’t help you, it will hurt you and the rest of your website.

Written by Chris Bell, Owner of Creating Visits

Showing Up in NH Search Engine Results

Showing up in search engines for words and phrases about your company has proven to be a huge marketing strategy. But how is it done? How do other companies magically show up in the results when your company website references the same subjects? Easy: Page titles, blog posts, massive amounts of content on your website and external links that point to your website from Facebook, Twitter and any other website or blog.

If you wrote a 5 page novel and put it in the library to be searched and found by readers, do you think you’d show up in the results before the 300 page novel about the same subject? Probably not. Search engines work in similar ways. If you have 5 pages that discuss washing machines while Wal-Mart has 5000 pages that talk about washing machines, it’s pretty obvious who the robot will find first. So, first and foremost, write more. Write more pages and blog posts that discuss how a washing machine is manufactured, how it’s shipped, how it runs, why it saves energy and why your customers should buy it from you.

Now assume you start a marketing campaign. You put your name in one newspaper while Wal-Mart puts their name in thousands. Again, translated into the Internet world, what websites do you show up on? Not all websites sell products. Angie’s List writes reviews about companies so that others can make more educated decisions about who to buy from. Is your company found on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau and Dunn and Bradstreet? Not only are people looking to those companies for reviews and possibly finding you along the way, but your website link is on each of those websites pointing to your website as one that’s reputable and believed-in by those sites. Search engines recognize the amount of websites that believe in you and give your website more clout as a result.

New Hampshire Companies

While Wal-Mart probably shows up for “washing machines”, it’s still possible to show up for “washing machines NH” or “washing machines New Hampshire” so don’t throw in the towel just yet. When you first build your website it’s important to start with very long phrases and shorten them as your grow. For instance, this website tries to show up for “nh seo services“, not “seo services”. There is no possible way any 5 page website in the world will show up for “washing machines” just like no 5 page informational website will show up “fantasy football”. So yes, size matters to search engines.

All of your page titles, keywords and descriptions should include “nh” and “new Hampshire” when you start building your website. Try not to be obnoxious to your visitors or you’ll never get a sale! Don’t write “NH” 1000 times, just include in once in awhile when it makes sense to do so. Any more than that will be considered SPAM before you know it.

Showing up in New Hampshire

1. Sign up in Google and Yahoo local results

2. Write blog posts about “how to fix your washing machine when…”

3. Talk about your website on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Online newspapers, BBB, D&B…

4. Answer questions on Yahoo Questions and mention your company

5. Add more pages, add more products, add more services and talk about all of them more and more

Posted by Chris Bell of Creating Visits

How to Make an HTML Table

HTML tables are widely used in programming to structure pages. You may not even notice a table being used because there isn’t a border showing, but they’re used to break pages in half or in thirds and so on.

Let’s jump right in. Here’s the basic table format:


You can immediately see where the table starts and ends with <table> and </table>. The <tr> and </tr> starts and ends a row and the <td> and </td> start and end a column. It displays this:

Part Number Quantity

From there we can add a few extra rows:

<td>Part Number</td>



Part Number Quantity
ABC 100
DEF 500

Now let’s add a top row that says the company name, General Electric:

<td colspan=”2″>General Electric</td>

The extra code in the <td> brackets will turn one column into two colums like this (I also added bold tags around <b>General Electric</b>:

General Electric
Part Number Quantity
ABC 100
DEF 500

You can also turn one row into multiple rows like this:

<td rowspan=”3″></td>

General Electric
Part Number Quantity Free Shipping!
ABC 100
DEF 500

Here is the final code:

<table border=”1″>
<td colspan=”3″ align=”center”><strong>General Electric</strong></td>
<td>Part Number</td>
<td rowspan=”3″>Free Shipping!</td>

If you can do it yourself please call me and I can help you figure out the code you need. Creating Visits is my NH web design business that also offers NH SEO services if you want to show up in search engines.

Getting SEO Services in NH

Having a company do your NH SEO services can be a very good idea because they know what they’re doing. The build SEO friendly pages, add good quality content and make sure all of the Titles, Descriptions and Meta tags are correctly in place.

Doing it yourself could actually hurt your search engine rankings if done incorrectly. Many times when I see a website that has done it’s own keyword targeting there are mistakes that could actually lower ranking instead of increasing them as planned. Keyword stuffing is a common problem that many people think is a good idea early into understanding SEO. Stuffing keywords refers to a sentence similar to this: Make sure you include SEO services inside your SEO website for the best SEO results for your website.

The sentence doesn’t make sense at all. If you create a page, whether it’s a blog post or a web page, with good information that people want to read and would “LIKE IT” on Facebook then you’ve done a good job and search engines will put you at the top for more people to see. Also, people will attach it to their Facebook account for all of their friends to see. So spending time creating a good website or blog post is a very good idea rather than just rushing through a quick post for content purposes.

New Cleaning Services Website in Raymond NH

Creating Visits Inc just built a new website for a small cleaning services company in Raymond NH. The owners name is Cari and she does everything on her own. She likes keeping the company small so that she can focus her attention on all of her clients instead of sending employees to do the job she’s putting her name on.

Cari has been cleaning houses in Raymond NH for over 10 years now. The company name is Bless This Mess and she likes to stay within a 10-15 mile radius from her home town.

Most likely Cari will want to conduct a free in house estimate, but she charges in the area of $80 per appointment for a 1500 square foot home. Standard cleaning services included are:

  • Bathrooms: Sink, Vanity, Commode, Shower and Tub, Mirrors, Trash and Floors
  • Kitchens: Counter Tops, Stove Tops, Microwave oven, Sink, Trash and Floors
  • Living, Dining and Bedrooms: Dusting and Vacuuming

Some services that aren’t included in standard cleaning appointments are windows, dishes, laundry, carpet cleaning or the inside of ovens and refrigerators.

Cari has great references that will tell you how clean their home is when they get home from a long day at work and realize that she had made her appearance earlier that day. You can trust her with the key to your home or code to your security system because she’s been in the business for over 10 years and plans to spend another 10 years doing the same thing.

Check out her Raymond NH Cleaning Services at

The Right Approach to Business Web Design and Hosting

To get far in business, much emphasis has to be put on business web design and hosting. Let’s face it – any company worth its salt requires an online presence to become successful. The influence of the internet has reached to a point that it’s professional suicide not to employ the viral influence the World Wide Web can provide. Year after year, more and more people are using the internet to do their shopping. Statistics show that purchases online is steadily on the rise. Imagine how much your small business will be losing in terms of sales and marketing if the viral influence of the internet isn’t employed.

The key to using the internet to its maximum potential is to know the tools of the trade. It can be a daunting task at first, what with the jargon that comes with it, but you have to reassure yourself that any question you may have can be found on the internet. Hey, ever heard of Google? All the tips and tricks are readily accessible as long as you know how to find them. You have the internet. Use it. Take time to learn the tools of the trade, and you’d find out soon enough that all that time spent burning the midnight oil are worth it.

The approach to business web design and hosting might be different from the steps involved in setting up a brick & mortar business. But the main principles are still there. Your company needs a recognizable name, so you should pick a domain name that is easily recognizable but creates a profound impact.

And of course, you need to choose a hosting company that has a reliable web server uptime.  Some extensive research has to be done to ensure that the support department of the hosting company you pick is always available. You don’t want to be left to your own devices in case your site experiences technical difficulties. Even a few minutes of downtime can cause a lot of damage to your site’s web online presence.

Once you’ve chosen a hosting company, you will have online tools that can help you in creating your website. As your business starts to grow, your website should be able to keep up with the increasing demands. You have to upgrade your site accordingly. Remember, in order to earn money, you have to spend money. So it’s important that you maintain your upkeep as customer flow continues to increase. So you have to keep tabs on all aspects involved in the web hosting. By this time, you should be in constant communication with the web hosting company and be on the dot on other services and tools that can help your business.

Having a site that has all the required content can only go so far. A site needs to be attractive enough to entice users to stay on the site and keep coming back for more.  Luckily, you don’t need specialized training to design your website. There are web design sites that can help you.  Once you’ve made it this far, you’ll learn that business web design and hosting are a very essential aspect in managing a small business and you’ll be soon reaping the rewards.

Not Just Web Design, Guaranteed Visitors
Creating Visits Inc

Creating a Description For Each Website Page

A web page’s description is like a blurb in the back of a book, it gives just enough detail to tease you into buying it. But in order to sell itself in the market against other books, the writer needs to convince the readers that they can get the information they need from it. The same logic applies when creating a description for every webpage. As a web master you should utilize the description of a web page by inserting important keywords that are direct to the point. This will increase the number of users visiting your web page consequently increasing your rank in the Search Engine Ranking system.

This system works by narrowing down millions of web page content determining their relevance to what the user is looking for and its number of views. Placing keywords in the description is a good way to attract users but most search engines no longer value the keyword element like they used to. Search engine providers discovered that web masters intentionally insert false keywords to attract users to their web page. They do this is to increase the number of hits their webpage receives thereby increasing its rank. Instead, the providers as well as the users rely on the description of a web page to determine the match.

Another key to creating a description for every web page is to make it unique. The reason why web masters are hungry to be a top ranked website is because the content they offer is similar to others. When the topics they contain are searched online, other web pages are bound to appear therefore diminishing their chance of gaining a hit. If the content of your web page were one of a kind, then you wouldn’t have to worry about search engine results because it will only display your website.

Also, aim for the main topic of the article when choosing a title. The title serves as the keyword and description of your web page so the wording should be precise. Or you can always come up with a catchy title to attract a user’s attention. For instance, “On Global Warming” would’ve been a good title for a documentary but “An Inconvenient Truth” made it much more interesting and unique.

The most basic of all technicalities in creating a description for every web page lies within the HTML syntax. If you don’t know how to use markup and meta tags, then your web page is doomed. HTML markup and meta tags make up a web page. Try opening a web browser then click on the ‘View’ tab. Click ‘Source’ or ‘Page Source’ from the drop down menu. For other operating systems like Mac OS X, try right clicking a random web page and click on “View Page Source”. A window containing the website’s source code will automatically pop up on your screen. This is the anatomy of that web page. It can be a guide for advanced applications of HTML codes but the basic codes are as follows:



<title>Creating Visits Inc</title>

<meta name=“description” content=“This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating visits to your website.” />

<meta  name=“keywords” content=“creating visits,website visits,create visits to your website” />



All tags are within HTML syntax and always enclosed in angle brackets. Markup tags come in pairs that consist of start and end tags (end tags contain / within the angle brackets). Whereas meta tags are “data about data” that do not require end tags to complete it. Try these simple steps in creating a web page and use the tips provided to create a functional description.

Not Just Web Design, Guaranteed Visitors
Creating Visits Inc

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