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About Creating Visits

Creating Visits was created in early 2011 by me, President and CEO, Chris Bell. By working for years at a wire and cable company building multiple websites as a sales tactic I learned a lot about web design and ranking websites in search engines. After that I decided to start building a few personal websites targeting certain keywords to make money from the ads placed throughout the site. I wasn't too happy with a website soley based on visitors clicking on the ads because having people click off your website is exactly what I didn't want for better rankings.

After all the sales I was getting with the company websites I realized selling a product is a major piece of the puzzle. Ads might make you a few dollars each month but don't believe the commercials that tell you about making thousands of dollars. That will only work if you're getting 50,000-60,000 visits per month. In which case selling a product on that site would make you millions!

Since my knowledge is very strong in web design and SEO services I know the amount of labor involved in creating a good looking website. There's also labor involved in creating a lot of keyword rich content, articles and press releases throughout the website. I also know how much these website companies are charging just because they have knowledge that you don't. Well I just started in 2011 and will build you a great looking website, similar to this one, and guarantee visitors or I'll give you your money back.

I started noticing web design companies that don't offer SEO services in the websites they build until they send you another bill for $10,000. It makes me crazy because it should only cost $10,000 if you're targeting a ridiculous keyword. I also don't understand how they can promise that specific keyword when there's only one person who can get the spot of number one. I promise visits instead of exact keywords and I'll show you what I mean.

Assume you want to show up for "Interest Rates". Well if you look at the top ten results you'll notice that it will be difficult to compete with the companies that are already in the top 10 results. Instead I'll target your state or area, "CA current interest rates", "CA fixed mortgage rates" and similar longer phrases. The difference is I'll get about 10-15 of them instead of the one big kuhuna. Getting 200 visits per month on a 10 page website is not that difficult and neither is 1000 visits per month on a 50 page website. That's where my 100% money back guarantee comes into play.